thanksgiving for today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Maybe I will writing in english this night. I am learning to be a writer and practice english. My english is not good, not fluently, and saldom to used so in this section Iwill using english. I want telling about thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving will be you comfortable. I said that because this is real did to me. I am not a people who have much skill in live, and also not a cleaver in my around. But I always have believing that I am not alone, because Allah always with me. Although I never  be a good people, Allah never leave me, same with you Allah never leave you also them.

I have frend, her name Puji Lestari . She was be granduate and Iam not yet. I ever  fell sad  and than I think again, maybe I am not dilligent like puji’s dilligent, I am not be fighter like puji’s fighter, And maybe I am not prayer to Allah like Puji’s prayer to Allah.

Allah give me more, and nothing reason to fell sadly because everything is complete to me indeed copious.

thankyou Allah , You make me muslim, until I fell this felling.

And I hope You Alwasy kept me, my frends, my family, my teacher in your patronage. Love YOu>>>

I  am also missing Puji, Kak Civi, Kak Linda, my Younger brother .. I hope they are healthy . IMG_7762 “Puji wears black female headger”

“Congratulation my frend with your graduate” ^_^


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