Arsip Bulanan: Oktober 2015

If i have a magic box

I have dreams and a lot of dream was writed in this blog. I just a dreamer and i know that. I always try to do everything to be dream came true but always stop and stop again.Now i think that i do not know what i want. Maybe i need something or do something to know what i want. And then i must seriosly to keep what i want in my heart. I just to finding and always trying to always believe that i will finding what i want. And then i will be proud to tell to all of someone who ask to me "what your passion,? I will answer " My passion is ...." 
This life. You must find something to be know what you must life. Possible is nothing... nothing is possible. 
Allah always know what you do so do not be afraid you will be alone. If you fell sadnes with all of situation who not give you comfortable. You must believe Allah always with you and us.